The Powder Tower


The Powder Tower is one of the most famous in the Czech Republic. This is due to the representative symbolism that has been given to this high construction. The appearance of this tower intrigues those who visit Prague and therefore a lot of information about it is sought. This information allows learning about the renowned tower.

The Powder Tower History

The construction of the tower dates from the year 1475, its purpose is to serve as one of the gates of the wall that surrounded the Old City. This tower, originally called the new tower, was part of the thirteen gates that provided access to the old part. Its design is the work of the architect Mathias Rejsek.

However, a few years later, in 1541 the tower was destroyed due to a devastating fire but was soon rebuilt. The reconstruction of the new tower was carried out by Josef Mocker. The tower was used as a place to store gunpowder during the 17th century.

Due to this use that was given to it in the past, the tower is currently called “the powder tower”.

Powder Tower Description

>A very characteristic detail is that the external part of the tower is blackened, which affects its dark appearance with a gothic touch. A bridge links the gloomy-looking tower with the municipal house, which has a very bright style. Due to this, the powder tower and the municipal house contrast in a peculiar way.

The interior of the tower houses the popular “city of a hundred towers” at its top. The internal part of the powder tower also has an exhibition that leads to learning. This exhibition recounts through statues the history that the city of Prague has passed through. In addition, the history behind the most outstanding towers of the Czech capital is exposed.

What to do in the Powder Tower?

Currently, the powder tower is available to the local public and the tourist public. Therefore, anyone who visits Prague can go to this tower. Accessing the tower, visitors will be able to see a brief exhibition from which they will be able to learn. In addition to this, inside the building you can see representative sculptures of important Czech figures.

Finally, those who go to the tower will be able to see statues with spiritual symbolism and enjoy the view.

Learning through an exhibition

The short exhibition housed in the gothic Powder Tower focuses on Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. Tourists are the ones who especially benefit from learning about the wonderful city they have decided to visit. In addition, there is a part of the exhibition that has been dedicated to the towers of Prague.

In an interesting and summarized way, this exhibition shows the history behind the most representative towers of the city.

Observation of elaborate statues

The first floor in the tower houses a variety of sculptures with historical representation. These sculptures represent different bohemian monarchs, including Ladislao II and Carlos IV. Alongside those carefully crafted sculptures are shields carved detail by detail. Those shields are from the places the sculpted monarchs ruled over.

Going up to the second floor, visitors will come across statues of angels and saints. These statues surround statues purporting to represent the Virgin Mary and Christ.  

Enjoy the view

Once individuals visiting the tower climb almost two hundred steps, they arrive at a gallery. From that gallery, you can get beautiful views of the Czech capital.